Estate 8oz - CM - 90pts by Coffee Review

Estate 8oz - CM - 90pts by Coffee Review

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Our estate roast is an exquisite cup of pure Kaʻū comfort. Perfect for everyday or during the finest dining occasion.

This limited batch was processed with Carbonic Maceration method, which is an innovative variation on the wet or “washed” method, in which the whole coffee fruit is fermented in a carbon-dioxide rich environment before the fruit residue is removed and the beans are dried. The goal is to improve the clarity and sweetness of fruit notes. The method is being pioneered by Sasa Sestic, an Australian barista champion.

Baker’s chocolate, aromatic orchid, hazelnut, oak

Low-toned, crisply bittersweet in structure. The finish consolidates to a rich, oaky chocolate

Mouthfeel is light though silky