Peaberry 2oz

Peaberry 2oz

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Our single-origin peaberries are the rarest of our Kaʻū Specialty Coffees, accounting for just 5% of our harvest. Each peaberry is prized for producing a single coffee bean instead of the typical two halves, lending to a sweeter, fuller flavor with balanced acidity. This intoxicating coffee is a delectable delight: elegant and inviting, with creamy cocoa and bright orange toffee flavors — a perfect start to a beautiful day.

Nutty, Brown Sugar, Grapefruit

Orange Toffee, Cocoa

Creamy, Syrupy

Our 2oz bags are great for travel, single servings in hotels or guesthouses, or as souvenirs! They make perfect party or wedding favors so that your guests can take home a part of Kaʻū and our delicious coffee.